Lead Austemper Operator - 3rd shift

Waukesha, WI 53189

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Position Description

Join a Winning Team! ThermTech, the premier commercial heat treating shop in the Midwest needs an Lead Austemper Operator.

This is a new position posted. We are hiring third shift at out Pearl St facility.

We are committed to hiring top talent into our operations teams to deliver world-class services. We look for self-motivated and goal-oriented people who are keen to learn our trade and be a part of our growing team. We value individuals who are problem solvers, team workers, and maintain a bright, positive attitude. If you like a fast-paced work environment to learn lifelong skills, we would welcome your application.

We provide an attractive, competitive pay with off-shift premiums and a benefits package that includes health and dental coverage, short-term and long-term disability insurance, employer matched 401(k), educational reimbursement, and on-site health care. For more information visit: https://www.thermtech.net/careers.php

Minimum Requirements to qualify for Position:

Education: High School education or equivalent preferred
Experience: Prior Heat Treat experience preferred
Skills: Basic computer skills, forklift training and/or industry skills preferred

Objective: Position works with Shift Foreman, Lead man and Plant Manager in the efficient operation of the Austemper Cell following schedules as posted. Also communicates and documents issues as they arise.

Job Description

I. Daily Requirements

- Operator will follow schedules and process work to exceed
Customer requirements
- Monitor and maintain all salt tanks with proper salt levels and
proper temperatures
- Operator will assess alloy needs and fixtures and report issues
to supervision
-Operator is responsible for daily walk through with prior shift

II. Operator will be responsible for loading and operating all equipment
within Austemper Cell. Operator will be responsible for the
following set up and monitoring at a minimum –

- Temperature controller
- Over-temperature controller
- Chart recorders
- Furnace thermo-couples
- Proper agitation of quench pots
- Proper water flow setting of quench pots
- Proper loading and racking of parts to minimize distortion
- Understand tempering guidelines based off of actual
AQ hardness readings
- Operator will need to learn start up, loading and shut down
procedures for each piece of equipment in cell

III. Complete and maintain compliance of all applicable training
requirements including the following –

- Attend and complete all orientation classes
- Complete and pass all MTI safety classes 107-111 in training matrix
- Follow all safety requirements including the following -
- Safety glasses to be worn at all times
- Approved safety boots with metatarsal guards are to be worn
at all times
- Proper gloves and/or protective clothing to be worn while
handling or working around product and heat
- Determine proper inspection location for AQ testing per
- ASTM E-18 Rockwell hardness testing
- ASTM E-10 Brinell hardness testing
- ASTM A 956 Leeb hardness testing
- Maintain Forklift training certificate
- Tagging Procedure
- Transfer Procedure
- Ensure plant organization and cleanliness with a goal to achieve

IV. Bluestreak Requirements

- Complete Bluestreak qualifications level 1 & 2 training